OverWatched cont.

Hey there just came off a three day break from work. So I’ve got a awesome review for you guys on Overwatch. Let’s start with the gameplay. Definitely not your average first person shooter its got far more strategic value then that. To play the game successfully you need to be aware of all the characters different moves and abilities, and the amount of different playable characters really adds to the games diversity. There are four categories Offense, Defense, Tanks and Healers. A well balanced team has one of each. Ill go about this review talking about one of my favorite characters from each section. So ill start with offense, Tracer is my favorite offense player. Shes a teleporting time rewinding British bad ass. With catch phrases like “Cheers Love” and “Gotta be quicker than that” shes a fun character to play as well as listen to. If your going to play tracer make sure your good at flanking by yourself. ┬áMy favorite defensive character to play has to be May, goodness look at me choosing all the girl characters anyway May is a defensive character who uses her hi-tech ice gun to fight. She can instantly put up giant ice walls and freeze the enemy. Her special has a great reach and is deadly if you’re caught in it. Moving on to Tanks O YEAHH! The best tank in my opinion is Roadhog he utilizes a chain to snatch enemies towards him closing the distance so he can one hit kill you with his scrap shotgun. Not only does he do a lot of damage he also has a high amount of health and a way to restore health on the go. Don’t go into battle without a Roadhog. Last and definitely not least support, we all need not to many like to play it. I enjoy Ana shes the newest character to the game shes a sniper that has healing rounds and fatal rounds. Healing your team from afar is a very big advantage in the game she can also put characters to sleep with her side pistol then finish them off with a well placed head shot….yea shes fun to play. But hey don’t take my word for it go out and see for yourself. Rent it from redbox go to a friends house, go to walmart smash the glass and run as fast as possible…….ok not the last one. Enjoy and once you played come back and comment tell me what you think.

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