Looking for a Home Inspector

My aunt just purchased a home in Tx. She was telling me because it was brand new that she wouldnt need an inspetion. OHHHH On the contrary my dear old aunt you will need a n inspection. Getting a house inspection may cost a couple hundred dollars but whats a couple hundred cmpared to that 100 thousand dollar purchase you just made…..notthing right. So give yourself a piece of mind when it comes to purchasing any property hire a licesence inspector and protect your investment. I found a very reliable company by the name of A&T home inspectors.  If your in Cedar Hill, TX give these guys a call they will definitely treat you right.  Home Inspectors Cedar Hill 

One thought on “Looking for a Home Inspector

  1. Buying a house is serious business. Whether a recently built estate or a modest fixer-upper, getting the lowdown on your potential home is of tantamount importance. A qualified home inspector is always your best bet for a thorough home evaluation, but it’s a good idea to have a general understanding of what to look out for.

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